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Resolve UK is a nationally accredited provider of Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Services with more than 30 years' experience of successfully assisting parties to resolve disputes in the UK and overseas.

We have successfully resolved disputes for FTSE 100 Companies, Government Agencies, Professional Partnerships, Premiership Football Clubs, World Sports Champions, National and International Charities both in the UK and overseas.

We are experts in facilitating the resolution of Company Boardroom, Partnership, Management and Employee Disputes as well as property and commercial contract disputes between business enterprises.

We can provide highly experienced external Mediators & Arbitrators as well as internal Advocates & Diplomatic Intermediaries for the purposes of representation at Meetings, Negotiations, Mediations & Arbitrations. We can act as special envoys and business intermediaries between and within commercial entities, institutions and professional bodies.

We can also provide Specialist Case as well as Project Reviews, Risk Analysis Business Development and Training to suit needs.

All of our services are provided within a confidential setting.

If you have a situation that requires diplomacy, integrity, expertise, incisive analysis, forward thinking review or a new approach contact us for a confidential consultation. We have unlocked disputes and issues that have seemed intractable and ongoing for years.

Let us help you move forward to a more positive and brighter future.

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Client Feedback

"You worked miracles"

"10 out of 10"


“You are amazing.” Dr AI

“The Middle East Peace Talks could do with your diplomacy.” EC MBE

“You were fantastic.” DA Sol

“A difficult dispute that seemed impossible was resolved with a satisfactory conclusion in a matter of hours. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.” JM

“Your pro-active approach to facilitating dispute resolution was refreshing and greatly appreciated.” PF Sol

“Russell was by far the most attentive, pro-active and hands on mediator I have used and his ability to rapidly hone in on the key issues and address them in a realistic and pragmatic way was highly impressive. His determination to get the job done with empathy, enthusiasm and energy stood out and I would highly recommend him accordingly.” CH Ceo

“Russell was perfect at his job. A sophisticated communicator - able to listen and hear and to know when to speak. He was very discreet. I hope never to be in such a tormented situation again, but will readily recommend Russell to others. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.” Dr KO

“There is no better person to have handled our case.” KG

“You were excellent in being able to bring this case to a conclusion in difficult circumstances.” KR Sol


May 2017 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans hosts dinner with Jim Al-Khalili OBE

Sept 2017 Resolve UK conduct mediation for top flight premiership football club

Nov 2017 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans chairs talk with Lord Briggs

June 2018 Resolve UK invited to International Nuclear Power Conference

Aug 2018 Resolve UK resolves dispute for Government Agency

Aug 2018 Resolve UK resolves dispute for sports world champion

May 2019 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans arranges talk with Lady Hale President of the Supreme Court

Nov 2019 Resolve UK resolves dispute involving Titanic Papers

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