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We are a national and international provider of Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Services. We can provide Mediators, Arbitrators, Risk Analysis, Case Review, Business Development and Training Services to suit needs.

At Resolve UK we have more than 25 years experience of assisting companies, professionals and individuals and finding solutions to common business and personal problems.

We have assisted FTSE 100 companies, professional partnerships, sports stars and celebrities both in the UK and overseas.

We are adept at the art of diplomacy, company representation and negotiation and are able to deal with matters in a professional and confidential way.

Indeed Resolve UK has a Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators which includes a number of nationally and internationally recognised experts.

At Resolve UK we also act as special envoys and business intermediaries between and within commercial entities, institutions and professional bodies.

We can help you nip issues in the bud, promote continuing relationships and facilitate discussion and resolution of longer running disputes.

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May 2017 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans hosts dinner with Jim Al-Khalili OBE

Sept 2017 Resolve UK conduct mediation for top flight premiership football club

Nov 2017 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans chairs talk with Lord Briggs

June 2018 Resolve UK invited to International Nuclear Power Conference

Aug 2018 Resolve UK resolves dispute for Government Agency

Aug 2018 Resolve UK resolves dispute for sports world champion

May 2019 Resolve UK Manager Russell Evans arranges talk with Lady Hale President of the Supreme Court

Nov 2019 Resolve UK resolves dispute involving Titanic Papers

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